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Vulture Strike Download] [FULL] zakabur




It was developed by two guys and just got funded on Kickstarter. After a break, I have a few more of these, but this time I picked the first in the shortlist: Adventure Time - Pocketwatch This is a small, indie game which is totally inspired by Adventure Time and you can start playing it as soon as you download the Android/iOS app for free. The game is not more than a "gathering, exploring, and winning puzzles". Although it is not the first one, I found it to be a pretty good puzzle platform game with nice visuals and very high production values. I'm pretty sure that it is going to be a hit for kids. Also the developers are totally open to accept game-changing ideas and would be able to create their game based on that. So, as promised, here's another puzzle platform game made by five guys from Germany. The developers call it "quick, simple, and addictive". The game is inspired by the tabletop game called Hamurabi. It's a cross between Lemmings and Osmos and you can play it for free. I've played this game a few times. I really liked the new style and the new mechanics and I think you will too. This indie game is all about the exploration and survival. I guess this is where it has its flaws as it is not an action-focused game and it does not take much time to solve all the puzzles. If you love playing the Nethack version of Dungeon Master, then you have to try this game too. The game is inspired by that and it's called Dungeon Explorer. It looks like a hybrid between Classic Nethack and Dungeon Master, and although you cannot play it for free yet, it will soon be available in Google Play store. As mentioned before, this game is not an RPG, but you can play it as a typical party-based dungeon crawler. The gameplay is quite easy, but that's what makes it very addictive and I think that you'll play it for hours and hours. Currently, there's no multiplayer mode and the developers are not sure if they will implement it in the future. Want to play a highly polished and minimalist game? Then give the new game called “SHMUP” from mobile game studio Ferris Touch a try. The game is an intense and very challenging Shmup, but the best part is that you don't




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Vulture Strike Download] [FULL] zakabur

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